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Since adding plugins to the profile, the exact keybinds listed below are no longer required. The plugins read from Elite what you have actually set them to so it really doesn't matter what you have bound. The Singularity profile checks all the binds and will inform you if any are missing with details of exactly where they are in Elite.

VoiceAttack needs to press a keyboard key to execute the command. This means that all the commands we use need a keyboard key assigned to them.

Elite allows 2 binds to be set to each command so if you are using a Joystick then you can set one of the binds to that and the other to a keyboard key which VA itself will press. If you are not pressing them yourself then it really doesn't matter what they are bound to, the plugins will read it in and use it.

The new Customiser has a keybind creator. What it will do is read in your binds and add any which are missing. It adds them using modifiers so that we have very little risk of adding 2 of the same bind in. Think of them as special keypresses just for VA to press.

If a keyboard key is already bound then we leave it untouched. So for new users it is great as it's a quick way to make sure everything is working for the packs. The binds you want to press yourself still need to be done by you. The keybind creator is a beta feature so errors may occur and you will need to review what it creates and make changes as you see fit.

The following binds are suggestions based on Elite's default keyboard keys. You do not have to bind them as shown below, you can bind whatever you wish, as long as the command has a keyboard key assigned then everything will work. Swedish wall-of-text hits you for bork-bork-bork damage! Tags: None. OP Updated with 2. Comment Post Cancel. Previous Next.

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Search in titles only. Button as a trigger for a command. Posts Latest Activity. Page of 1. Filtered by:. Button as a trigger for a commandPM. Thanks for all your job you doing for us!

Thank you for Eden voice pack! I love Eden!! Forgive me for starting a new topic but I have searched the whole forum quite thoroughly and I couldn't find the answer. Is it possible to create a trigger on a joystick say, that will execute a command ie. You once wrote "You can use the voice trigger editor to add additional voice triggers as well" but my question is if I can custom a button on the controller not just voice to execute the command for Eden.

Thank you in advance for your answer! Tags: None. In that cmd you can assign the button to it you want to press and then make it execute by name the cmd you want it to run. The name of the cmd to run is what you speak, so you would execute by name "plot me a route home". Comment Post Cancel. Hey I have a question similar to this, I have a created a new set of commands and then linked it to the Singularity profile, everything works fine.

But how can I add voice response to the new commands I have set up? Swedish wall-of-text hits you for bork-bork-bork damage!

Basic Voice Commands - HCS Voice Packs - Eli for VoiceAttack - Star Citizen 3.1 Beginners Guide

Originally posted by Gangrel View Post. You do that by using the "play a sound" option in VA, and from that you have the option to play from a folder, or one of several sounds.

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hcs voice pack command list singularity

Did you miss your activation email? April 10,PM. Home Help Search Login Register. Will voice attack work without voice packs?

hcs voice pack command list singularity

I'm asking this question because trying to mine with voice packs active in elite dangerous is really annoying. I am constantly having to redeploy the cargo scoop because for some reason Orion thinks he heard me ask to retract it. Also every time the game makes a sound someone says "you are welcome commander".

hcs voice pack command list singularity

Member Posts: Yes, You don't need to use voice packs if you don't want. You can make your own profile for Elite Dangerous, and add sounds from the voice pack, or from where ever, if you want. VoiceAttack can do way, way, more than just help you play Elite Dangerous.

You can look on Youtube, and find videos on how to add commands, and I'm sure it will give you ideas on things you would like to do. WHat you are experiencing is the result of an over sensitive mic and will happen with any profile, not just ours. In the VA settings you can increase confidence level and lower command weight to help with this.

If the problem continues then you will need to train a new speech profile and manually lower your mic level when starting. Quote from: Pfeil on October 06,PM. SMF 2.Welcome, Guest.

Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? April 10,PM. Home Help Search Login Register. Davemartin88 Newbie Posts: 6. Using an HCS singularity profile and want to add additional commands.

I tried to use the function to make a new profile and use the include commands from other profiles. When I select the I think this must be because the profiles have been marked so they can't be edited but not sure where to go from here.

I thought I read somewhere that profiles might not be able to be edited if you are not registered but I confirmed that the Voice Attack application is working. If I try to edit the singularity profile directly, I get a message saying the author has prohibited new commands.

Sure I'm missing something obvious, thanks for the help. As far as I'm personally aware, HCS Voice Packs profile commands cannot be edited, and it is not intended to be included into other profiles, however you should be able to edit the profile options for their profile to include your own profile into it rather than the other way around.

For questions regarding third-party HCS Voice Packs products, I'd recommend asking on their forumor their Discordas they will be most knowledgeable on the subject. Member Posts: Correct Pfeil, commands in other profiles can be included into a HCS profile.

The system has been designed that way specifically. I have created a profile with the new commands and I'm trying to "include" them in the HCS profile. I open the singularity profile with the edit function, then select options, and try to use the "include commands from other profiles option".

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There is a button to the right that I select and get an empty window with none of my other profiles to select. As a test, I used two non HCS profiles and tried to use the same commands but still not able to use the include function, the selection window is empty and doesn't show any other profiles? Net is, not working for any profiles, even ones created locally. Thanks for the help! You should see the "Select a Profile" dialog, with a dropdown that can be used to select an existing profile to add the initial selection will be blank, so you'll have to click the control first to open the actual list.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Elite Dangerous Store Page. Global Achievements. This topic has been locked. Sorry for the dramatic title but just a little heads up to any who are unfamiliar with HCS voice packs and are considering buying one for Elite Dangerous.

There are lots of people out there who will use these and enjoy them! The promotional videos make it look simple and straight-forward with simple voice commands being responded to immediately! This was certainly not the case with my experience and after AGES setting up all the key-bindings, etc. I found that she only responded half the time. The remainder of the time she would respond but do nothing meaning I had to go investigate the key-bindings and make sure they had transferred across to Voice Attack, etc.

Basically, it was a complete headache and I now prefer to play without the voice pack, meaning I've wasted time and cash for nothing. For those who it does work for, I'm sure it's awesome! Paul the guy from HCS was a nice guy who tried to help but it was still a fail in my experience. HCS Voice packs are not plug and play - they take hours of setting up 2. Elite Dangerous is not as great as I'd hoped it would be and so I'm doubly gutted! Last edited by catuk ; 8 Nov, am.

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hcs voice pack command list singularity

Appreciate the heads up. Been considering, but I think I'd probably end up in the same category as you. Thank you for sharing your experience. I think I will hold off as well. Much appreciated!

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You're welcome - I'm in the process of applying for a refund for ED right now because for the past few days I've not been able to play due to a "login failure" which I'm now learning is a common occurance after looking online.

The game itself is like marmite. You're either going to love it or hate it but, unlike with marmite, I tried to love it.

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The VR provided a 'wow' factor but that wears off, leaving a very boring game behind, unfortunately. Originally posted by ColJimbo :. Not to mention getting Windows to recognize your voice well enough so VA can actually parse your commands.

I do have VA but never actually used it, but from those who have packs, most seem to swear by them and say how great they are. Of course, things won't always work well for everyone or to their satisfaction. And sorry to hear you didn't enjoy ED either.What's new New posts Latest activity. Log in Register. Search titles only. Word Count:. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

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Thread starter binks Start date May 2, I have been looking the internet, so far without any success, so maybe you guys would be able to help me. I'm looking for the list of all voice commands I can say to my mic and VA will execute them. Preferably in one place, rather then peace those commands found on some obscured sites.

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Do you know such a listing? I didn't find it on hcsvoicepacks forums. Try here, down at the bottom there is a full list, may help, good luck. Pretty sure you can do that in VA, just export the profile as html, instaed of a vap.

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